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Swimming with dolphin

We provide program of swimming with dolphin 5 times a day. As one of management in responsible and sustainable of wild dolphin, we can guarantee to be a fun and entertaining experience for both you and your family. We call it “swimming with dolphin”  where you will be pulled through the water by dolphin or swimming with dolphin and you can move from one point to other point by swimming.

As one of the pioneer that building floating pool for the dolphin in the ocean, we operates facilities in Bali that lead the industry in design of high-quality swimming with dolphin programs. we have schedule for swimming with dolphin 5 times a day.

We operate swimming programs 5 times a day. See our schedule below:

swimming session pick up time

from hotel

Briefing Time Embarkation time start-finish Duration
Session 1 08:15-08:30pm 09:15am 09:45am 10.10-10.40 30minutes
Session 2 09:05-09:20pm 10:05pm 10:35am 11.00-11.30 30minutes
Session 3 10:05-10:20pm 11:05pm 11:35am 12.00-12.30 30minutes
Session 4 11:00-11:15pm 12:00pm 12:25am 12.45-13-15 30minutes
Session 5 12:30-12:45pm 13:30pm 14:00am 14.25-15.05 30minutes


Adult = USD 89.00 per person . Price during promotion period only USD 79.00 per person valid before 8th of August 2017.

Price include : soft drinks, coffee & tea unlimited, towel, locker, shower, stick fruits, local boat from pier to the floating pool in the ocean, free pick up & drop off service from your hotel in the covering area only.

Price not include meals, swimsuit, souvenir, etc. (Please bring your own bikini, camera, some moneys)


Children under 12 years is forbidden to swimming with dolphin.

Location to swimming with dolphin