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Since covin-19, we are no longer have floating pool in the ocean and instead we have interaction with dolphin in the pool but and we call discovery program. Discovery program or interaction with dolphin means guest go directly into the pool (get wet) and interact with the dolphin such as holding,feeding, hugging, kissing, dolphin jump over head, dolphin rotates 360° in front of you and many other attraction with effective duration 40 minutes.

After covin-19, there is only one place in Bali to do interaction with dolphin and there is no other place in Bali apart from us. We have 4 sessions a day for interaction with dolphin. Here under is out schedule:

Sessions 1 at 11.00am

Sessions 2 at 12.40pm

Sessions 3 at 14.40pm

Sessions 4 at 16.20pm